Friday, August 30, 2013

My Love - Hate Relationship With Leg Braces

My Love - Hate Relationship With Leg Braces
Justin in 2001
Justin didn't really walk until he was three and has worn some type of foot or leg support since he was a couple of years old.  He began with shoe insets, then went to ankle braces.  After that came the braces which came  up to his knees which he wore until he was eleven, and for over a year now he is back in ankle braces.  I had the love-hate relationship with the ones which came up to his knees.  

I especially hated them during the summer months.  I loved the fact they helped him walk better, but people would stare because they were more noticeable when he wore shorts.  These braces were  made of plastic and made his legs hot.  When I took them off in the evenings, his socks would be wet with sweat.  His shoes also had to be several sizes larger than he normally wore and this made he look like he had clown feet; especially when he picked out bold, multi-colored shoes.

Sometimes I wonder why I hated those braces so much when the only time Justin really complained was when they hurt his feet.  Why couldn't I just be happy he was able to walk better when he wore them?  Maybe they were a constant reminder of Justin's daily struggle to just get from point A to point B without falling.  Maybe it was because it pointed out to people Justin was "different".  Then again, maybe it was a guilt I felt because I couldn't fix it for him.

I know this daily issue is part of what makes Justin who he is and I know I am doing all I can to ensure he progresses as much as possible, but I can still close my eyes and see him walking without dragging his right foot or holding onto my arm to keep his balance.  I then realize this will one day be a reality for him.  Maybe not here on earth in this flesh body which will always be riddled with problems, but he will have a perfect body when he makes it to Heaven.  I pray he will be here on earth for many more years to come, but I also rejoice in the knowledge that one day he will be made whole.

Thanks for "walking" down memory lane with me,
Angela :)


  1. Our outward man is perishing- daily- but His strength is found in our weakness! Thanks for sharing this- I can totally relate! and I too, rejoice in the thought that we ALL have a brand new body and mind coming someday! hugs

    1. Amen!!!!! From a grandmother who has a 10 year-old grandson with DMD.