Thursday, August 22, 2013

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Growing Up Is Hard To Do
Boys at the State Fair in Oct 2012

The hustle and bustle of a new school year has begun and I am left wondering where the summer went.  Since both the boys are at the high school now, I am really left wondering where the time with them as children has gone.  I realize they have grown up way too fast as my mind wonders back to their first day in kindergarten.

Justin was too medically fragile to attend school to begin with, so we started out his education with teachers and therapists coming to the house, but the day did arise when I had to take him to school.  I thought it would be a tough transition for him since he hadn't been in school before, but the fact of the matter was it was tougher on me.  I remember walking him to his classroom and he clumsily ran off to play with his classmates.  No hug... no kiss... just the slam of the door in my face.  I must have stood looking through the window too long because the teacher came to the door and reassured me Justin would be fine. 

I then drift back in time to Joshua's first day of kindergarten.  The boys went to school on the first day; the girls on the second and both boys and girls came together on the third day.  I thought the transition for him would be easy, but was I ever wrong.  I literally dragged him across the school parking lot and to his classroom where he sobbed and clung to me.  He was ok going back on the third day until "the girls" started walking through the door.  "But mommy, there's girls."  He whispered in my ear.  I pulled him close and said, "Well, mommy's a girl."  Then with a bewildered look on his face, he replied "No you're not.  You're mommy!" 

I was brought back to reality when both boys got out of the car to go to class.  No they aren't the same little boys I remember dropping off at kindergarten, but then they aren't supposed to be.  They are supposed to grow and become more independent.  Even though they still have alot of growing up to do, I can look at them and see who they are becoming and this makes me such a proud mommy.

Trying to see them for the young men they are becoming instead of the child I remember.
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