Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Acceptance Is The Key


Justin at age 15
showing off that smile.
 Acceptance is a key factor for anyone to develop into a healthy, happy and successful adult.  From a newborn babe to the grave, we all seek it.  Someone with special needs though, usually has a harder time finding acceptance.   Of course I notice the looks and snickers when I take Justin out in public.  It bothers me, but not as bad as it used to because one thing I've learned is that many times  people don't understand and they've had little exposure to someone with special needs. 

We fix this by allowing our children to be a part of society.  After all, how can we expect people to accept our children or our children to learn how to fit in if not given the opportunity.  I know from experience this can be difficult, but on the same note I've seen how Justin has blossomed because of his interaction with people.  I began to not pay as much attention to the looks and snickers because no matter where we go, Justin easily makes friends once they stop and take the time to get to know him. 

So take them out and include them as much as possible.  Sometimes the friendships they make last a lifetime and other times it is only for a short time.  As a parent, I cherish the moments when someone makes my son realize he is important.  The look on his face and his sense of belonging is a priceless gift not to be taken for granted.

Thanks for making me feel "accepted" by reading.
Angela :)


  1. I love Justin. He is outgoing, witty, fun to teach and full of potential. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to teach 3 different times. I look forward to seeing how he develops in his adulthood. Jennifer Waldrop

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. He is so lucky to have so many people to accept him as he is, but also to help him reach his potential.