Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Children Are Special


Hello and welcome to my All Are Special to God blog.

My husband and I are blessed with four beautiful children and one grandchild.  Like most people, I took for granted that my children would be healthy and dreamed of their future.  I had my life planned out, but soon realized God had something different in mind when my oldest son had special needs.  I went through all the emotions; denial, anger, depression and then acceptance. 
Yes, it's been a rough road to travel.  Our lives have been filled with frustration, sadness, tears and loss of dreams, but there has also been plenty of happiness, accomplishments and new dreams.  I would have never imagined my life would take this path, but I wouldn't trade my journey for anything. 
I hope that through my blog, people will realize that a person with special needs wants what everyone wants; love and acceptance.  They may be different, but aren't we all.  Isn't that what makes us all "special". 
Thanks for reading,
Angela :)


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